Tasks of the planning and development department :

  • Manage oil assets affiliated to Akakus Oil Operations Company with regard to reservoir engineering, production and Workover activities, and follow-up of the performance of wells, reservoirs and fields.
  • Develop optimal strategies and plans for the development and depletion of oil and gas reserves and follow up on the implementation of those plans to achieve maximum recovery.
  • Carrying out all the relevant subsurface studies of the reservoirs (laboratory and Simulation engineering) as well as reprocessing of seismic data.
  • Preparing Annual reports on the status of the reservoirs and their pressures, as well as reports of oil and gas reserves.
  • Determining the annual program for development drilling, completion and Workover of shut in wells, as well as the production Optimization program, including the study of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods for some fields.
  • Preparing designs for submersible pumps, studying their run life and improving their performance, as well as preparing programs to replace off down hole pumps.
  • Preparing future forecasts for oil and gas production for the company's fields and reservoirs.
  • Recommending relevant budgets, following up on all expenditures related to projects and work activities, and preparing economic studies for the projects that the company intends to implement.