Our mission


The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) seeks to deliver high quality services in the areas of Information and Communication Technology that achieve technical excellence in the strategic goals for Akakus Oil Operations Company and as a major supporter for the activities and objectives of the company.


Our Vision


Information technology and communication sciences are working hard to benefit from all that is new in the field of information technology and work to sustain all the company requirements related to information and communication technology.


What does Information and Communications Technology department do?


The Information Technology Department is the unit for responsible for ICT environment within Akakus Oil Operations, providing technical support in relation to information technology services to support the company’s own components. The services are divided into different categories:


Planning and Follow-up:


Ensures that it conforms to the standards of information technology with the applicable global and national frameworks such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library and the follow-up of the various technical projects within the department, as well as the management of the various contracts and licenses related to the company’s information technology.


Systems Administration:


Planning, development and deploy virous applications and operate the company data center and its components. Management and follow-up of all access permissions and direct supervision of identity services and many other services.


ICT infrastructure support:


The Networks and Communications provides the required support for the information transmission environment for various sites of the company from the installation, development and management of the physical and software assets for the various communications networks, and working on to be an effective unit in supporting the activities of the company, as it is the core unit for the information technology environment and one of the basic elements for the rest The company’s activities in general.


Support and user support services:


Its mission is to manage and operate the “Technical Support Service Sections” by providing direct support for applications and devices and their users in the various sites of the company.


Cloud services:


Planning, development, and operate via the Internet all services related to cloud computing, including continuous technical support, development of web applications and portals.


Business application development and management:


The Business Application Development and Management is responsible for the efficient automation of the company’s business processes. This division is based on software development, which leads to the use of best practices, and the results of various products. Its value of charter and accommodation, and follow-up technical support and security.