1- Engineering Division


The Engineering Group is a division inside the Engineering and Project Department of Akakus Oil Operations that consists of five main sections namely:

  • Mechanical
  • Process
  • Automation
  • Electrical
  • Civil, CAD, DC

with the main objective of providing engineering services for the development, exploitation, operation, and abandonment in the NOC Concessions Areas (NC-115), (NC-186) and I&R at El-Sharara oil fields which are in Western Sahara Desert, Libya. The Engineering Department oversees providing services in the following areas :

  • Provide Technical support to Project Engineering, Bid Committee, Production Operation, and MMC.
  • Carry out analysis of options, Optimization Studies, Feasibility Analysis, Scope of Works, Conceptual, Basic, and Detail Engineering for small and medium-size projects.
  • Provides technical assistance during all the phases of a Project: Conception, Definition, Execution, Performance, and Closure.
  • Provides technical support to all engineering disciplines related to the oil & gas industry: Piping, Rotating Equipment, Process, Process Safety, Electrical, Civil, Instrument, and Control.

The Group is managed by a Superintendent, reporting directly to the Engineering and Project Division manager, and each discipline is coordinated by Coordinators and disciplines Supervisors.

2- Projects Division


Projects division is organized into two main units: Project Control & Constructions

Project Control Coordination:

  • Project cost control supervisions whose responsibilities are summarized in Preparation of State of Requirements (SORs) and AFEs, Follow-up of contracts payment terms and conditions, Handle the Cost Control data base, Develop & maintain all Cost Reports, produce estimates as required and annual budgets and to ensure all contractors invoices are verified before submission for payment and are fully in compliance with administrative contractual requirements.
  • Quality Control supervisions whose responsibilities are summarized in Prepare and maintain Audit Schedules in accordance with the Project Specifications and ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 requirements, carry out External Audits of Contractor/Vendors against their Quality System and Quality Control Procedures and Maintain effective performance measures for all systems of QA/QC.
  • Project Planning and contracts supervisions whose responsibilities are summarized in Provide Project Planning / Scheduling support services for the Project, Establish and maintain Project control plans and schedules, including Project Contract Plan, Gant Charts and progress S-Curves, Analyze and propose improvements to schedules, including use of critical path analysis and resource loading, Monitor and report progress against the Project control schedules, Provide Contracts Management and Control support services for the Projects, Establish and maintain Contracting strategies, tender packages register and project documentation controls, Management of all contractual disputes on terms and conditions, Coordinate project kick-off meetings and Verification of all contractor/vendor contractual document requirements, bank guarantees, performance bond, letter of credit.

Constructions Coordination:


Constructions unit coordinates and carry out the following responsibilities including Liaising between contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers, overseeing construction engineering processes, ensuring that the construction project is completed on time and within budget, documenting processes and keeping detailed construction logs and Presenting construction project progress updates to clients and senior managers.