Akakus Oil Operations is one of the largest oil companies operating in Libya and has pioneered, explored and eventually developed two major blocks in the Murzuq Basin in the South Western area of the Libyan Desert adjacent to the famous Akakus Mountain strip and the old city of Ubari.


The NC-115 and the NC-186 blocks (Collectively termed the El-Sharara Field) are the two national concessions that have been, and continually developed.


All produced crude is processed in these two concessions and transferred via a 723 Km long 30” pipeline across the great Sahara Desert to the Akakus Oil Operations Tank Farm on the northern coast of Libya, nearby the neighboring cit of Zawia, where final storage and lifting to Tankers to the worldwide market is undertaken.


At midpoint over this long distance Akakus Oil Operations utilizes a boosting pump station, Hamada NC-8 pump station, to aid and overcome the physical obstacles associated with the long shipment process of the crude oil.