Drilling and workover department summary


The Department of Drilling and workover is one of the main technical departments a the company, and it is responsible for increasing and maintaining production, as it carries out drilling work for developmental wells according to a plan approved and prepared by the Planning Department of the company. It also provides drilling rigs, materials, equipment and technical services supporting drilling operations, in addition to developing designs. Engineering for various well-drilling programs and follow-up of drilling operations, as well as follow-up and maintenance of wells that have stopped production, including new initial completion wells, – changing ESP electrical submersible pumps, isolating water associated, installing liner hunger and repairing leaks.

Department of Drilling and workover has several sections as follows:

1- Drilling planning and workover


One of the tasks of this section is to prepare programs for drilling and well maintenance operations, as well as the timetable for moving maintenance rigs in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Operations Department to maintain production.

2- Drilling operations and workover


One of the tasks of this section to follow up the daily work accurately and coordinate with the Drilling Engineering Department in moving rigs from one well to another, as well as coordinating with service companies in the implementation of some works such as cementing, fishing operations and other services.

3- drilling and workover section El-Sharara field


One of the tasks of this section is to follow up the drilling and maintenance of wells directly, provide all materials for drilling and work-over operations in a timely manner, prepare the sites of wells to be drilled, and the main priority is training new hiring.

Attention to the human element at the forefront of management programs, first of all employees working safely by learn them through programs prepared by the Department of Health, Safety and Environment in addition to other programs, where there is an intensive training program that lasts for several months, starting with awareness and the company’s health and safety regulations and systems, and then entering into technical courses from actual work On drilling rigs and maintenance of wells, then moves to the company’s departments to take a complete idea and be evaluated, then will have taken sufficient experience to enable him to integrate into the work, in addition to conducting refresher and development courses for the old engineers to keep step with the scientific development.