Materials Department


Materials Department is one of the company’s important Departments reporting directly to member of management committee for Operations & Materials Can be described as an integrated management that is responsible for planning, purchasing for the purposes of obtaining the Company requirements of different types of goods, outsourcing, whether internal or external and then stored and conducting inventory control


The Materials Department consists of the following Sections :

Procurement monitoring includes:

  • External purchases - Local purchases - Follow up of orders - Customs clearance (Trafficking)

Inventory & warehousing control includes:

  • The main warehouses in EL-Sharara Field – ZAWIA Terminal store – Tripoli Transit warehouse

Tasks & Responsibilities of Procurement and warehouse Department functions (Material Department):

  • Draw the appropriate policies and conditions for the procurement and storage process
  • Conducting studies and researches that are important in making the appropriate decisions in the procurement process, the most important of which is to predict the situation of the markets and the competitive situations.
  • Reviewing and reviewing the purchase orders received and verifying their credibility. Scheduling of all purchases, since schedules are closely related to the procurement function.
  • Determine the levels at which the stock is classified: the upper limit, the demand point, and the minimum.
  • Submit purchase orders for the purchase. Ensure the validity of reports legally and review contracts for procurement. Disclosure of their status whether rejected, accepted, or received.
  • Arrange and organize data according to specific records containing procurement-related data. Disposal of unnecessary stored (redundant items)

Procurement and warehouse objectives (Materials):

  • To ensure the continuation of the production process and through the provision of all various materials necessary for the production process; to prevent delayed flow of products.
  • To strive to obtain the primary products at the best possible price, provided that the raw materials are in line with the quality of the product; to ensure that the specifications of the product conform to the quality specifications of the company.
  • Attract suppliers and not rely on one supplier, to gain the company the power obtain the reasonable price through tender process
  • Create confidence and close relations between the company and suppliers. Integrating the management of materials and different departments of the company and cooperation among them.