Drilling, Testing and Completion Operations.

Akakus Oil Operations (formerly Repsol Oil Operations) is a Libyan oil company with its head office in Tripoli, Libya.  AOO (Akakus Oil Operations) is operating two (2) concessions in the Sahara Desert.  The first is the NC-115 concession area and is approximately 1000 km south of Tripoli.  The second is NC-186 concession area close to NC-115 concession area, around 30 km. AOO is seeking, local & foreign contractors who are capable and having proven experience and expertise in Drilling, Testing and Completion Operations.

AOO invite all specialized Companies that are interested in participating in this pre-qualification campaign to get the pre-qualification questionnaire. Only the pre-qualified companies will be invited to receive the tender document ( Scope of work ).

Qualification Requirements:

Interested companies for this tender must satisfy the requirements stated on the pre-qualification questionnaire and shall submit the required information.

Important Note:

The pre-qualification invitation is not an invitation to tender.

Only qualified local & foreign companies that meet the pre-qualifying criteria, which shall be determined by AKAKUS OIL OPERATIONS at its sole discretion, will be included in bidders list.

Akakus Oil Operations reserve its right to reject any and/or all companies at its sole discretion. Such act by Akakus shall be final and shall not be contested or challenged by any participants

Furthermore, this pre-qualification invitation does not imply any commitment or obligation for Akakus Oil Operations to issue a tender enquiry or enter into a contract.

Work Terms and Condition

Execute drilling campaign planned to start by October 2021, requiring two land drilling rigs with the following specifications:

  • Power rating 1200 to 1500 HP
  • Electrical Driven (Mandatory).
  • Mast Gross Nominal Minimum Capacity (800 Lbs.)
  • Top Drive System.
  • Capable to mobilize to well location within two months.
  • Able to submit the offers within one week


This announcement is targeting the specialized local and foreign companies who are specialized in Oil Drilling Activities and will remain posted on AOO & the NOC website until 12:00 hrs local time  10 August 2021. The last date for receiving participation requests to withdraw the questionnaire form before companies wishing to participate is August 12, 2021.

The last date for receiving the qualification documents from the companies that have officially withdrawn the form through the Bidding Committee is 08/19/2021. Any documents received after this date will not be considered, nor will any documents received by the committee from companies that have not formally applied for the desire to participate and received the questionnaire form through the Bidding Committee.

The pre-qualification questionnaire will be made available to interested specialized companies only by e.mail in a formal request which should clearly indicate the name of company, address, phone & fax numbers, person to contact, title, e.mail address and stating clearly their interest to participate.

The request by interested companies for the pre-qualification questionnaire should be sent by e.mail strictly to the following address:

Akakus Oil Operations 

Attn. Secretary of Bids Committee

E.mail: bcommittee@akakusoil.com

Company’s Address:

Tripoli – El-Tahadi Street (Off Airport Road)

P.O.Box: 91987

Phones: 00218-21-4802630/39

Ext. 7248 & 7046

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