National Oil Corporation signs a contract for Implementing 2 projects to construct water Assembly Tanks in Jado and Al-Rajaban

Within the social responsibility programs of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and under the auspices and financing of the consortium of The Spanish Company Repsol, and through coordination with the committees formed by Akakus Oil Operations Company.
On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, at the National Oil Corporation (NOC) headquarters in Tripoli, and with the presence of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng.Mustafa Sanalla, a contract for constructing water assembly tanks in both municipalities Jado and Rajaban was signed.
This urgent intervention comes from the NOC to solve the lack of water problem that people is suffering in these areas and the difficulty of obtaining it for several years.
A 1,000-cubic-meter assembly water tank will be constructed in the Al-Metlawi well field in Jado, in addition to two 250 cubic meters of assembly water tanks for both to feed from the Kertom wells field in Al-Rajban municipality.
In this regard, Eng Mustafa Sanalla said: “The projects that the NOC is carrying out for sustainable development and social responsibility in the areas adjacent to its operations throughout Libya, is a national message to our people to confirm that this prestigious institution is the institution of all Libyans, and has been called the national, as it brings the whole country together under one flag, and it is the custodian of the country’s wealth and will continue to hopefully, and on behalf of my colleagues, the members of the Board of Directors, we affirm that we will spare no effort to support all areas adjacent to our operations on the entire Libyan territory”.
The signing ceremony was attended by:
Mr. Simeone Simna, General Manager of Repsol, Libya Branch. Mr.Mokhtar Abdedayem, Manager of the NOC’s Sustainable Development Department
Mr. Osama Al-Lutai a member of the Management Committee of Akakus Oil Operations.
Ms. Nada Al-Atrash, Acting Manger of the Sustainable Development Department of Repsol.
Ms. Yasmine Shalbak, Sustainable Development Office Manager of Akakus.
Mr.Moftah Al-Sharef, Department of Sustainable Development at the NOC.
Mr.Mohamed Grada, Development Projects Committee, Akakus.
Mr. Amru Tabouna, Mayor of Jado.
Mr. Othman Emhammed, Dean of Al-Rajban Municipality.
Mr. Khalid Al Turki – Al-Rajban Transport Office.
Mr. Ibrahim Al-Awar, Member of the Municipal Council of Al-Rajaban.
Mr. Abdul Wahab Arab, Member of the Municipal Council of Rajaban.
Mr. Wissam Salem – Municipal Projects
Mr. Abu Bakr Aribi, Manager of Al-Huwari Company for Contracting.
Dr. Hussein Khalifa Al-Shaybani, Consultant.

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